Ask any teaching professional what is the major problem golfers of every level have.  Almost everyone will tell you it is “Alignment”.

We have all seen a caddy standing behind their player or we have seen golfers who lay clubs on the ground or even sticks.  I have witnessed golfers laying a club across their belly to determine alignment.  And if a golfer is practicing their putting game, they may snap a chalk line on the practice green in hopes of working on a short straight putt.

While clubs, sticks and chalk lines may help, these methods are limited in both accuracy and functionality.

Until now there have not been any golf alignment aid which works for every club and virtually every shot.


Introducing SQRDUP, a golf alignment aid which uses Green Laser Beam technology.

SQRDUP is the only golf alignment aid which provides precision alignment for every club in the bag – woods, irons AND putter.  SQRDUP is like a personal coach checking your alignment, anywhere, anytime.

From irons to driver, SQRDUP is the only golf alignment aid which provides the golfer with visible beams which are quickly recalled when on the course as they set up their next shot.

SQRDUP is especially effective on the putting green, where it provides a fixed putting line which can easily be relocated in order to work on different putts.  SQRDUP works on any putt, anywhere, anytime.

Want to be a better Green Reader?  Just a few practices with SQRDUP, you will begin to see how different breaks effect the line, thereby placing those images for later recall.  I truly believe a golfer practicing putts with SQRDUP will become a better reader of the green.

SQRDUP allows the golfer to practice any putt, whether straight, right break or left break.  It has been said every putt is a straight putt when you first strike the ball. Imagine only having to make an 8” putt with enough speed to get the ball to the desired location.  It will no longer matter if the putt is a straight putt or a putt which breaks.

SQRDUP will make you a more consistent putter by developing a Repetitive Putting Stroke.

SQRDUP provides fixed lines which can be tracked by your eye and easily understood by golfers at all levels.  Works with any club!

SQRDUP can also be used for the SWING PATH.

Work on your Wedge game.  Take SQRDUP to the driving range just before dusk.  Project one of SQRDUP’s beam 50+ yards for a laser focused light all the way to the flag.

See who endorses SQRDUP

            Dr. Jim Suttie – 2000 National PGA Teacher of the Year

“Research has proven that 85% of golf swing learning is visual.  This being the case, the SQRDUP alignment tool does a better job giving feedback on your alignment than any tool I have used in my last 40 years of teaching.”

            Blake Sharamitaro – PGA Director of Instruction at Riverdale GC

“Never realized my lower body alignment was so far off until I watched a video I made with SQRDUP while practicing putting.  I’ve been working hard at correcting the issue.  Happy to say I (my partner and I) just won the Colorado PGA Four Ball Championship today and I putted great the entire event.  Maybe it’s the 1stSQRDUP professional win!?!? Thanks again!”

Philip Nelson – Golf Instructor & College Golf Coach

SQRDUP has the ability to change the way the golfer sees the shot and executes.  Truly a game changer that focuses on golf’s most basic setup principles.  You can only get better and more consistent by using this product.”

Steve Lidinsky, Former Lead Instructor at Martin Hall Golf Academy & Ibis Golf & Country Club

“SQRDUP is a good product.  It’s a sophisticated piece of equipment yet extremely simple and easy to use. There’s no player that wouldn’t benefit from using this product.”

Ian M. Just Your Average Golfer, Denver, Colorado

“Phenomenal, by buddies are calling me “Eagle Eye”!  Teaches you to putt correctly.”


  • Housing is made of durable ABS plastic
  • Ultra-bright lasers for daylight viewing
  • 5 hours of power
  • Fast charge battery
  • Tripod for use on any terrain
  • Device and Tripod weighs just under 8 ounces.

SQRDUP Golf Alignment Device comes with a Flexible Tripod, Charging Cable and Carrying Bag.

Lasers are warranted for 5,000 hours of run time.

Interested in learning more about SQRDUP?  Please visit uswww.SQRDUP.comalso on